Laser scanning

  • Determination of deformation
  • Executive survey

Laser scanning technology - an innovative and unique way to obtain data about the object. Using a special scanner to determine the spatial coordinates of buildings, which are combined in a cloud of points. This array of points - the source data that can be easily processed and used in the future.


3D-scan allows you to create three-dimensional models of remote objects, use them for geodetic monitoring, compare construction projects at any stage of work on the project and make adjustments, analyze deviations finished buildings and structures on the project drawings, etc.


Laser scanning also allows you to create 2D-drawings and plans (so-called reverse engineering). Its very useful for three-dimensional model of a site plan or topographic landscape.


Three-dimensional laser scanning has several important advantages:

  • Reducing the time of the work several times;
  • Mobility and ability to measure the job;
  • Access to "dead zones" object unavailable for other devices;
  • Easy integration of data;
  • Accuracy and reliability;
  • Full compatibility with other methods of surveying.

    3D-scan used in construction, mapping, monitoring of industrial enterprises and infrastructure, archeology, etc.


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