Geodetic works

  • Reference line
  • Calculation of volume
  • Calculate the volume (scan)
  • Work in the tunnel

  During construction of buildings, infrastructure, complex engineering structures, mining activities are absolutely necessary geodetic services. Start geomorphological map - a mandatory part of any development project, which includes a set of measurements and calculations, data analysis, forecasting, definition of the boundaries, etc.


  The company "GEODISK" carries the entire spectrum of geodetic works on objects at any level from the small private construction to develop complex and multifaceted industrial buildings, infrastructure (bridges, roads, dams, tunnels).


  We are ready to provide all kinds of geodetic works, from geodetic surveys, documentation and removal of boundaries to the full support of the process of construction, surveying monitoring and tracking an object during operation.


  We provide our services as quickly as possible, reducing the preparatory work to a minimum. Modern equipment and extensive experience specialists provide perfect quality, efficiency and speed of any surveying project.


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