Geodetic monitoring

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Geodetic monitoring - a multifaceted automated surveillance system for construction projects, industrial buildings, infrastructure etc. Primarily, geodetic monitoring allows you to monitor deformation and irregularities in construction of buildings, roads, tunnels, creating engineering structures (bridges, dams), quarrying.


Under construction is a natural process of precipitation of buildings, which stops after a certain time. Errors in calculation or already on site, can be the cause of subsidence or deformation - too much rainfall parts of buildings or structures. Geodetic monitoring allows you to monitor any changes with high accuracy and to prevent the danger.


For geodetic monitoring the modern equipment: total stations, GNSS receivers to communicate with the satellite, as well as sensors (prism), by which the information was collected. The data is processed with special programs that allow you to quickly identify the problem at its initial stage.


Geodetic monitoring - is a reliable way to get information about the changes and deformation of objects, which allows you to quickly resolve problems, provide security and make the right strategic decisions.


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